Wednesday, June 23, 2010


ok i have broken out and dusted off the ol' blog again briefly as I need your opinions :

It took forever for Elijah to really start growing hair and when he did it came out curly, wispy and blonde. I love it and so do most the general public apparently. I've let it grow and so he's almost 2 and still has not had a single haircut , think how much $$ I have saved! LOL. But now I need to decide when its gone past "cute" and is just plain ratty looking ya know? I'm not the type for boys with long hair personally, but I think my judgment has been clouded here because its also going to make my baby look so much older once it is cut and I am "afraid" of that.
My current standpoint is : Wait until after his 2nd Birthday ( less than 2 wks away) and then do it.
So what do YOU think??? Cast ye vote , its anonymous - but sorry you have to be signed in to vote... I'm working on that. Thank you! ETA hmm the POLL BOX is not workin' BOO! Will find a new one.
ps. yes, I have a gorgeous silver keepsake box to keep a curl in when the time comes :)


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