Wednesday, June 23, 2010


ok i have broken out and dusted off the ol' blog again briefly as I need your opinions :

It took forever for Elijah to really start growing hair and when he did it came out curly, wispy and blonde. I love it and so do most the general public apparently. I've let it grow and so he's almost 2 and still has not had a single haircut , think how much $$ I have saved! LOL. But now I need to decide when its gone past "cute" and is just plain ratty looking ya know? I'm not the type for boys with long hair personally, but I think my judgment has been clouded here because its also going to make my baby look so much older once it is cut and I am "afraid" of that.
My current standpoint is : Wait until after his 2nd Birthday ( less than 2 wks away) and then do it.
So what do YOU think??? Cast ye vote , its anonymous - but sorry you have to be signed in to vote... I'm working on that. Thank you! ETA hmm the POLL BOX is not workin' BOO! Will find a new one.
ps. yes, I have a gorgeous silver keepsake box to keep a curl in when the time comes :)


  1. Zandi - leave it! It's gorgeous (def not ratty) and I'm having the same issue with Cole. My reasoning is - they'll have short hair for most of their lives, so why not let them still be babies for as long as possible. This is an area of contention between me and Mum - she managed to snip off one curl when he was a few months old - knowing full well I'd be furious. My boss waited until his sons 3rd birthdays before cutting their curls. So in conclusion, curls, curls, curls!!! P.S. I now have a blog space just so that I could give my 5c worth :P

  2. I am signed in but it wouldn't let me click the vote button. I say leave it until he is 2. Then you will have great birthday pics wil the curly hair.Then when you cut it, don't give him a buzzcut, just give him a trim. As far as being afraid of him getting older, there are so many wonderful things that he will learn and do and see as he grows up and they are so exciting for a mom to watch. Our job is to give them the biggest wings possible so that when they soar they are higher than everyone else. Don't lament for the loss, rejoice in the new stuff that comes. Just my 2 cents though, you can do whatever you want and the rest of the world be damned! :)

  3. Zandi, don't cut it!! He is so adorable with his curls. I havn't cut Link's hair yet either: the hubby and I decided when he is 3, then we can start thinking about a trim. I'm like you, I want to hang on to the only "baby" thing left about him!

  4. definitely DON'T cut it! go to my facebook page and look at my wedding pics I posted years ago. I think they are still up there--his hair looks a lot like my nephew P's did and he had that hair until 3 ;) enjoy those curls while they last b/c they may start to not be as curly as he gets older. youc an also just trim it to keep the curls if it gets too long, but I really don't think it is right now! ;) I've been meaning to tell you I think E and P are related somehow b/c they have the same hair LOL ;)



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