Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog on Pause

Just so you know, we are still alive and I haven't abandoned my Blog...

Just busy enjoying life , crocheting, the beautiful weather , photography and my lil dude ( big dude too, but i spend more time with lil dude )

I'll be baaack


  1. Great picture Z! I'm trying to come back to the blogging world for no other reason than to keep a journal of the girl's lives!

  2. Little dude gets cuter and cuter. I LOVE how you've decorated your blog. You're so creative.

  3. Hi Zandi, I got your comment on my blog about the Noah's Ark blanket and that you were at Reese's bd party. I do have photos of both blankets I made. Are you on If you aren't you need to be you'll love it. I am conicuts on there and you can see my photos. You can also email me at KnitNut at Hope to talk to you soon, Connie



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