Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Functional Art

Its my addiction- well ok ONE of my addictions. I have over the years discovered that I have a fondness for things that look, well, like things they are not.  Or if its just an obscure version of normal.
I have collected CaRRoL BoYeS art for years now here are just a very few of my collection:

She is a South Africa artist but her stuff can be bought internationally. I just love her stuff and can't leave SA without bringing a few pieces home with me!
Other functional weird things in my house that I love , my hand vac, my clock, Elijahs new Banana toothbrush, Elijah's Egg cup( by Alessi) :

and my newest purchase> I just LOVE Boon products and this one is no exception:


And if you know me , this also applies to dressing my son, particularly accessories like hats and socks:

So what I am saying is: It is an addiction but its ok for you to be an enabler and leave comments / links to other cool/ crazy products that you have seen that you think fall into this category that I would probably love. Its Okizzay.


  1. I have not seen that boon grass before--too freakin' cool man! I must find that! :)

  2. I love the boon grass too I must find! And I so want to see your collection the next time I come over!

  3. Target. Ain't it cool... we must be looking at each others blogs simultaneously!!

  4. Ah Z, I spotted the grass on my last trip to T-land and thought it was snazzy. So glad it's prettying up SOMEONE'S house! The next time I run across a piece of functional art I will be sure to enable you away! <3

  5. Ah ha! found one! Eat your heart out at the bookbook.

    (any book and mac lover will LOVE it!)

  6. SUNSHINE!!! THAT. IS . AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! thank heavens I don't have a notebook or laptop or anything or I WOULD HAVE TO buy one! But it could be a very cool gift too, so I shall save that link! TYVM!

    Thank you!!!! luv ya.

  7. Your post made me re-connect to ETSY. I found the cutest hat, a teenage-mutant ninja turtle knitted hat with a big brim, that I am going to order for Link. I bet you could even make one like it now with all your knitting skills! Thanks for the reminder about ETSY!
    Finally, Lijah does have the coolest, most unique accessories!



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