Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Anatomy of a SuperMom Part 2

 ( eta- seriously, after all the time i put into making my CHARTS they didn't even show up on here!!! GRRR they did at first but at some point something went wrong. doublegrrr)
OK, so  a HUGE THANK-YOU to everyone who participated in my "survey". It was fascinating and revealing and inspiring and motivating! We're a bunch of hard working Mama's - but I did not need the survey to figure that one out!  
I think SLEEP and NUTRITION are vital aspects in being part SuperMom and lets face it, we all want to be part SuperMom, not for ourselves or for what other people think of us but so we can raise SuperKids - who are healthy, happy, balanced , empathetic and awesome. So we NEED to take the time from things like watching TV and oh maybe even the computer ( yes, I am talking to myself here!) and make sure we do this for ourselves. I always told myself that TV/Computer time is MY relaxing time, which it IS - BUT- at the expense of being drained the next day and the next and the next - who is that fun for? 

I am clearly NOT a writer ( or a SuperMom or a Chart maker truth be told!) and my thoughts on all this and the answers I received are all jumbled in my head and I am finding it hard to put it all to paper like I had planned. The one thing I did realize from this all though is that there is no ONE MOLD for what a SuperMom is, just like fingerprints and snowflakes , we are all completely different and so require different things of ourselves. Ultimately a SuperMom is a HAPPY MOM who gets out of life what she wants by making the effort to do so

So I am not going to keep harping on about this, and hope you've learned what I did from the experiment even though its completely NOT what I thought the lesson would be. There are no tricks or magic spells, we all require different things and have different things required of us. 

Here is a breakdown of some of the info I gathered, I’ll gradually add more to later posts as it would just be too much all in one. 
Approximately how many hours of sleep do you get a night?

According to my basic research we're doing pretty good here, 7-8 hrs is what we need. But of course for many thats not a continuous 7-8 hrs and there are too many of you getting by on 5 or less hours and I really urge you to try and get a few more. A more rested Mommy = a happier Mommy = a happier family. 

Question #6:
In response to the question about how often we cook in a week, there was one common statement across the board bar one - who cooks 6 nights a week. And that was that we wish we cooked more for our families. I know I wish I was better. My Mom used to come home from a full days work at 6pm and cook a full meal every night , like a roast chicken or something crazy like that! I will roast a chicken maybe twice a year! How DID she do it? I do cook most nights at home but its always pretty basic and I go in phases of being really good about it and then burning out and slacking off for months after that. 

Question #14:
a) Poop
b) Snot 
c) Bedtimes
d) 5pm witching hour - making dinner meltdowns
e)Teeth Brushing

This was pretty funny, but the majority chose d) the witching hour / making dinner meltdowns as their nemesis and since I answered mine has changed from e)teeth-brushing to d) the witching hour too. He has definitely got better about his teeth brushing ! f) was mostly people with older kids and so a) thru e) were no longer a factor but apparently “Getting the kids up and out te house in the morning” is gonna be on the horizon for many of us shortly. I can’t wait. I am such a great morning person at the best of times...

One things for sure: SNOT IS HOT / WE LOVE SNOT ! ha ha!

So, THANK YOU again. I will take all I have learned and continue to grow and try to improve myself and strive to be a better Mommy every day- knowing that I already am a SuperMom and so are YOU!


  1. yay! can't wait to hear more. especially the things on the horizon to look for! am I really the only one that cooks?! I think it's cuz we're just too cheap to go out LOL! :)

  2. Love it!!! Can't wait to hear more of the answers...I'm thinking this would be a great book!!! Don't know if I told you or not, but I changed my blog address: www.ItsOurAmazingLife.blogspot.com




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