Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gettin' Close to B-day!

I have not posted on here in ages... been rather busy getting ready for the party, which I hope to goodness turns out well. It has not rained in weeks and of course the weatherman is saying thundershowers on Sunday! ha ha well I can't control that!All is well otherwise. My lil guy is growing and my big guy is shrinking! I have Bubba on a diet at the moment, I am micro-managing everything he eats and am so sick of cooking and prepping lil boxes for him to eat its not even funny! But he has managed to lose 13lbs in a month so at least there is progress. The goal is about 30lbs and as a reward he is allowed to TEMPORARILY grow a mustache ( eeew yuk! I know!) he thinks thats terribly funny... me? Not so much. But if it keeps him motivated then I am going with it. My reward - coz lets face it- I am doing all the actual work here, will be a SPA day or something of equal value to me. I try to remember that when I am boxing up food at 11:30pm every night.

As for the Lil guy growing... he is so awesome I can not get over him! Last week I noticed his 2 FRONT TEETH are finally filling the gap between his fangs! So by his first birthday he will have 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on the bottom! Occasional I get the pleasure of feeling them bite down, but he has got much better about that already. On that same note, we are not weaning yet, neither of us are ready and we are lucky enough to be able to keep breastfeeding so we are! We rarely nurse in public anymore and as he gets bigger I will limit it more and more but for now we are just going with the flow- so to speak.
His crawling has picked up some serious speed and he pulls himself up to stand on just about anything and his balance is getting better every day so I am sure walking is not too far in our future!
Elijah is obsessed with phones and remotes, but mostly phones because they make noises and light up when he presses them, did you know that at 10 months old he called 911? Seriously he did! He was playing with the home phone and I heard a voice so quickly hung up. 2 minutes later the Sheriffs Department called me asking if everything was OK because they had had a 911 hang up from our house! Embarrassing! But what are the odds he would dial 9.1.1 and hit "talk" in that sequence!? I digress... he loves phones and since Daddy just got a new iphone he has been testing that badboy out and will have to teach his Daddy how to use it by the end of the week!
We are hoping Bubba will get his "old" phone back so Elijah can play with it... Baby's First Blackberry!
In the past couple of weeks he has mastered the art of pressing buttons/ keys on purpose with his pointing finger ( that finger gets a work out let me tell you!)

Pointing is a favorite pastime of his. VIP'ing { Very Important
Pointing} goes on all day and sometimes randomly in the night too.

I have been on a mission to find him a Swing set for his Birthday, I just want a second hand one but its proving to be quiet a challenge! I may have found one today so watch this space!
Of course I am being rather particular about what I want, not just any swing set!

Of course we also just had Fathers Day. Bubbas first OFFICIAL Fathers Day. Here is what we made for him>

Well as the final minutes of June 2009 tick away I better go and prepare food for Bubba for tomorrow. I can't help myself from thinking about this time last year when I was blissfully unaware that in mere days I would be holding my baby, I was convinced he would come in late July. I was preparing for my Mom to arrive , had jus
t got our new car and was cleaning the house- that was probably the last time it got a good cleaning too!! Little did I know I was about to embark on the most incredible, exhausting, emotional, indescribable journey of my life!

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  1. Hi, just found your blog via the twitter thing. Didn't know you had a blog! Great pics of Elijah.
    (Christiana from Luckies)



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