Sunday, August 2, 2009

Preparations & Preservations

How did THAT happen?
July was a hectic month for us but a good one, August will certainly be even MORE hectic and REALLY GOOD. We leave on Friday at lunch time and fly from Charlotte to Atlanta and from there to Cape Town via Dakar Senegal ( just to re-fuel) so it will be about 11am EST when we land in CPT on Saturday but will be 5pm there. Its about 22 hours and hopefully it will be a decent 22hrs thats all I can ask for. ( South Africa is 6hours ahead of EST)This will be the first time Bubba has flown with us and so we are preparing ourselves and the house as much as possible to be gone for 2- 4 weeks. One of Bubbas jobs is to make sure all paperwork etc is in order and that his Mother knows where all our life insurance stuff etc etc is in case of the unthinkable- we do this every time we leave the country, its NOT just coz we are going to SA. This reminded us that we needed to update our wills and make sure Elijah is on them, not just Noah. Bubba was talking about how with us both being on the same plane going there we need to make sure E is "covered" should something happen ( which it's absolutely NOT going to
happen but thats what wills and insurance etc is all about right... insurance) then we both looked at each other and realized that Elijah will be with us on the plane... yuk thought. So we'll update everything but stopped thinking about that at that point!

Lately we have been having sleep battles with the lil man again. We thought we had paid our dues but alas there is more to be paid apparently. Just hope we can get it somwhat under control before we go. He seems to have forgotten how to fall asleep on his own and needs a hand or even just a finger tip on him to get to sleep, and if he wakes up in the night he needs that comfort to get back to sleep again. Silly boy.
We went last week and made his one year hand print tile. We did this with Noah from when he was about 2 ( when I entered the picture) till he was 7 , once a year we'd go have one made. So we are doing the same with Elijah and I am already amazed at how much that little hand and foot have grown, the first ones were made when he was 10days old!

Hopefully I will post before we leave again, I have so much to say ( whats new right?) for those of you who have not seen our "Elijahs First Year " video here it is > one year crammed into 10mins!


  1. OH Gosh Z, I'm a blubbering mess now! Thanks for sharing that video of E's amazing 1st year! Have a wonderful trip back to SA mama!

  2. Zandi!
    JUST PRECIOUS!!!! I simply CANNOT wait to see you! LOVE YOU!!!!



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