Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My Baby is Walking!!! I suppose that makes him a bona fide TODDLER now! eek
His first couple of steps were the day before his birthday, and then it seems like he added a couple or so steps each week after that and now can do about 10. I left him with his Grandma and Noah yesterday and came back after a few hours to see him waddling around! ha ha of COURSE it happens when I am not around... I'm only with him 99% of the time...
Anyway its great that he is mastering it now as its only 3 weeks till South Africa and his Great Grandpa prides himself on his children, grandchildren and grandchildren being early walkers ... which we were NOT but at least we'll actually be walking when he meets Pop-Pop otherwise he may have been shunned! LOL just kidding.

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